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Sep 10, 2018
East Lansing, MI
Finally, Hello to the forum I've dreamily lurked for years now!
I've gone from Housed to homeless and then housed again a few times in life, I've never dared leave this city in my time of homelessness due to having a job and needing to attend it to recieve pay, as jobs normally require. Since finding my footing again I had a really bad bout of emotion and turned to my tarot for guidance, I read someone was going to change majorly and set me on a path to my goals. The very next day I met a Crusty Kid from OH, with the most beautiful soul. Two months and we've been near inseparable, three days before near complete trust bonded us. He was headed to Cali, and asked me to go with him, and now we're set to leave sometime soon-ish. I've wanted to be a travelling musician for the entirety of my life, and my mother being self-proclaimed Hippy Scum, egged that thought on into my adulthood, I can't settle. I gotta go. I have to travel, and after as much hardships I've been through, I can't be happier it was this goofy ass crust punk that wants to drag me with him. He's been living this life for three years now, and I'm finally ready to take hold and flee the complacent lifestyle I currently live and feel free. My family has housed and helped many travelling folk and deadheads over the years, and I'm finally ready to be the one that travels, and make my own stories, not just hear the wonders from others!
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Matt Derrick

Semi-retired traveler
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
Hello to the forum I've dreamily lurked for years now!
not to rub it in or anything, but there's a few forum sections that are only available to members, so you've been missing out on some stuff by not signing up!

but otherwise, welcome to the site and congrats on finally joining the bandwagon :)


Oct 16, 2015
enjoy your love ^_^ and have fun memories in your travels

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