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Aug 4, 2006
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I'm going to be experimenting with a new format for the voice chat this Wednesday! Going forward I am going to set a specific topic for each week's discussion, and I am going to record it for others to listen to later, basically making it a podcast. Everyone is welcome to join in on the discussion, even if you just want to listen to it live (if so, please mute your mic until you're ready to chime in on something). I will be acting as a facilitator to keep discussions on track and throwing in opinions of my own as we go along. Due to how long some chat nights go for, we'll be ending the recording at 2 hours to keep it reasonably consumable for those listening later (you can continue chatting afterwards if you like).

The topic for this week's discussion is:

Favorite places

and will be taking place in our discord server on:

Wednesday, July 1st
5pm PST -- 7pm CST -- 8pm EST

What are your personal favorite places? Places you've been that really struck a cord with you personally or somewhere you just ended up unexpectedly having a good time? Join us this week and share your stories, reasons why you like a particular place, etc. Even if you don't have much travel experience, come listen and you might just hear a few interesting places worth adding to your bucket list :)

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For some reason I can't get into any of the stp chatrooms
Did you re-link your STP account and Discord? There was a reset, so all accounts need to be linked up again. In case you tried that and it's not working, I went ahead and gave you access to the Discord channels, but if you haven't tried linking again please do.

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