Testing Phase Suggestion New Avatar titles based on message counts versus "getting to know the place" (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016
Current Location
Lawrence Kansas
Here's how the pyramid goes: Come now we can get creative with this :D One thing I would like to stay though is "I'm a dirt bag and I got banned" hehe. I love the dirt bag. These are based on message points btw. Pretty sure this is an automatic setting but will check with Matt

Have fun!!

Just signed up = 0
is getting to know the place = 5
Hungry for Knowledge = 25
Appreciated Participator = 45
One of the Regulars = 75
Celebrated Poster = 100
Sir Posts a Lot = 250
STP Homebum = 500
Can't get enough of the site = 750
Completely Addicted = 1000

Thanks! Was wondering about this lol.


I deleted myself
Oh noes you should be an STP Homebum!! :D Actually I like that title - this should stay. But we need new ones (other then Homebum hehe)
Get that dirty home bum my dogs first words and second were well ya know ...when she runs her WOOFER.

Good idea for above . Y'all have a stellar day wherever you roam

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In the Pcola headed east to Jax then juicing to Salem for halloween
Actually sunny and warm! Tank of gas so I'm motorvating ! I'm on the last Vespa ride to nowhere ville and I'm not telling mum and dad when I'm coming home! You see im a loner, a rebel, call me wheels and I'll call you doll baby!
Remember people: nobody can hate you as much as yourself. Which in turn means you can conquer the world.
Made it to Pensacola anyone about?
AAAutin wrote on roughdraft's profile.
Is this new profile pic a prelude to potential political aspirations? I can see the signs now: Vote American; Vote Red, White, and STU!
The pnw is almost as bad as i remembered, maybe a little better this time, but still bad.
Nice try, Sheriff, but your gonna have to get up earlier in the morning if you want to catch this idiot(with two arms). Got myself perma banned from the home bum shelter. Called them out for giving donations intended for folks in need to their employees.
Hospital visits always help fix one problem and start more. Fuck yo.
Rhubarb Dwyer wrote on Juan Derlust's profile.

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