New and heading out in 2 days! Road dawgs and advice needed. (1 Viewer)


Jan 1, 2019
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Myrtle beach south Carolina
Quick intro. I'm a 34 ywar old male that moved to NC SC area for xonsteuxtion work after livijg in Key west for a year. I'm now homeless due to lack of construction work here. So me snd my toolbelt and 2 bags are headed out. I have skate boarder my whole life and been in bands and such as a vocalist hardcore punk metal. I sadly think ill be leaving my skateboard as it just seems like something else to have to lug around any suggestions if i should or shouldn't. I used to be huge
Into cycling and was a bicycle mechanic for 5 years so im hoping that in some way will help along the way sadly i had to sell my road bike and fixed gear. I also ma aged a skateshop for a few years and ha e time if culinary and construction experience. I habe work lined up in keywest and will be sleeping outside or at KOTS as ive stayed there before and its not bad gor a homeless shelter. Ok so I'm super anxious as im leaving for Key west Friday morning. Technicslly Thursday night from the Myrtle beach area. but that's just to head 30 mils south staying at a friends before i truely head out friday morning.. Ive got my bags packed . im carrying a faulirly large vans nomad series bag and a Herschel messenger laptop bag mlstly for food and stuff i need to access daily as my big bag is just one huge compartment which will be for clothes and the such. I have very limited funds so I'm habing a hard time deciding what to do either use hakf of my funds to get a phone card for my phone so I'll have data and phone usage so I can stay online looking for rides and places to stay and look for day work and most of all for music and reading. or just use the free Wi-Fi along the way. I was really hoping to document this journey as it will be my first so I'm not sure what to do. I have about 80 bucks for this trek amd that was next to impossible to get. I'll be obtaining it in a way the saddens me deeply. I collect pocket knives and blades in general and my father got me before he passed a custom Gerry McGinnis folder that was around 600 bucks and the local pawn will give me around 80 bucks for it. I have 2 other nice fixed bladed but they will only give 40 for one that was 200 so doesn't sem worth it . the other is my baby and well used so they don't want it. This has been in my mind all day as luckily it was closed today so it has given me tie to debate this. Im orauing I find some rides or places to sleep or moat of all a road dawg.lwhen i hav3 a choldhod friend in Orlando to stay a night with along the way and also Charleston or Columbia . any tips would me amazing thank you in advance
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I would try and tie the skateboard to one of your bags, rope isnt hard to come by. It may be useful to get around, keep yourself occupied, or even hit up a skatepark and make some friends. Personally i wouldnt sell your dads knife if it means that much, sell the one for forty dollars. Dont carry your entire wardrobe, just the warmest stuff with some extra layers if you get cold. Dont spend money on data, there are places with wifi in every town you can usually just sit outside and use the internet without buying anything. You have culinary experience and theres resteraunts everywhere, so you will likely be able to find work if you really need it. Many places you can make some money turning in cans and bottles to redemption centers. If all else fails and you really need it go to a busy sidewalk and ask for change. Dont be afraid to check dumpsters for food, lookup shelters and feeds. Use the public libraries for all theyre worth. It may be very uncomfortable at first but you get used to it quickly. Good luck man, try to keep a positive attitude!


Nov 26, 2018
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Seward, Alaska
Try to make contacts and be friendly but know when to walk away and avoid bum-drama. Look for signs of hard drug use in the street people you meet. These people might be well meaning but they are unpredictable and will steal from you if they really have too.


Jul 9, 2017
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Please don't sell your grandfathers knife. Anything you need will make it your way in one way or another. Anything that doesn't will teach you to get it. Don't worry about stuff. I thought about carrying a longboard, but there's alotta places where the hills are gonna be way too steep to even consider going down, especially with a pack. Don't be on such a mission. Get to where it's warm and enjoy yourself along the way.

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