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Apr 15, 2019
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North Wales
All are free to read online and most are free to download to save/print or purchasable to deliver.

Sprout Distro used to do these great anarchist zine round ups each month. They've gotten more irregular now, but I made a full list of periodicals here, so just thought to post the most recent ones also for those interested.

One of the zines I thought people especially from here would like is called Rupture, a festival caravan wrote a call out for people to join them on a trip from the UK to Burkina Faso, then talked about it in the next issue, plus some photos here.

Same list with pictures on me blog.

Table of Contents


Dope #6 – Quarterly

‘The Anarchist Big Issue’ distributed to street vendors for free to sell on in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol and Manchester.

  • London is Shit by Lisa McKenzie
  • Class Traitors by D. Hunter
  • Acid Communism by Nadia Idle
  • S LENCE by Penny Rimbaud
  • Property is Theft by Cat Sims
  • Invisible by Andrew Fraser
  • No Sweat by Jay Kerr
  • Smash IPP by Smash IPP
  • Classifieds & Protest Stencils
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Organize! #92 – Bi-annually

A focus on developing anarchist communist theory, practice, and analysis of the world at large. It also contains reviews of new books from anarchist writers and has a regular arts segment.

  • Opinion
    • Productivity Is Not Your Friend
    • A Brief History Of Violence
  • News
    • International Bulletin
    • After A Period Of Dormancy, Japan Is Now Awake
    • Feminists Rise Up In Mexico
    • Stateless And Oppressed
    • Hongkongers Ain’t Nothing To Fuck With
    • Fascist Foot In The Door Of Squats
    • Update About Our Current Situation
  • Reviews
    • Review: Desert, A Warning
    • Books Beyond Bars
    • An Anarchist Manifesto
    • Putting The A Back Into Admin
  • Memorials
    • Rest In Power Tekoşer Piling / Lorenzo Orsetti
    • Rest In Power Ewan Brown
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Notes from below #6: Housing – Irregular

Rent strikes, eviction blockades, anti-gentrification actions, squatting, demands for rent control and renationalization—housing struggles are kicking off in metropolises around the world.

  • Gimme A Home…
  • Spatial Deconcentration in DC
  • 5 Theses on Movement Building from the Berlin Housing Movement
  • Expropriate the Big Landlords: An interview from the frontlines of the German housing movement
  • Diary from Vulturilor 50 – Building a Radical Housing Justice Movement in Bucharest
  • Notes Towards a Practice of Territorial Inquiry
  • Housing and the ‘informal’ social factory: exploring Buenos Aires’ spatial composition
  • The Squatting Movement in Italy
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Rupture – Autumn, 2019 – Irregular

Running a 2-for-1 on Thoughts and Prayers!

Centred around DIY culture – free parties, squats, social centres, art and activism. Updates on squats, various campaigns, calls for solidarity and announcements of various cultural events. For readers outside of Europe it gives a nice glimpse into a very different political and cultural scene.

  • #nopasaran – update and reportage from Exarchia, Athens
  • MargateTek – August bank holiday party report
  • Justice for Steve – article on police attack on party in France
  • Sick of War? Use the Bomb! – more from the frontlines of Suffolk
  • Carnival, the Road to Excess – history of carnival
  • A Place of Our Own – news and callout for new DIY social centre
  • Sticks and Stones may Break your Bones – rant about political discourse
  • The Future of the GBC
  • Poetry and fiction from Jack Houston, George F
  • Events listings + music news
  • Artwork by Arki Grynberg, Sara Maria Klos, Paul Sargent, Morgan Davy, Paultergeist Photography
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Slinghot #130 – Quarterly

Independent, radical newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988 by the Slingshot Collective. Accepts submissions of articles, artwork, calendar items, spots to add to the radical contact list, suggestions for distribution, and thoughts about what they should be doing next.

  • Memorial to Michael Diehl
  • Nobody left behind – thoughts from a disable activist
  • Looking Deeper – Why is Lake Tahoe clarity declining?
  • Building Community Equity
  • Performing Utopia: life as art on the Z.A.D.
  • Border is not just a word
  • Tubes Tied & no regrets – another perspective on parenting or not parenting
  • How ’bout no! – a wrongful case of stalking
  • Plot plan and dream
  • Living and working in intentional communities
  • Donuts and Do-Nots – supporting your addict friends
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Roar #9 – Quarterly

Issue #9 is titled “Dual Power” and looks at the theory and practice of building dual power as a strategy for revolutionary politics in 21st century North America. We have gathered an impressive line-up of contributors covering a wide range of topics, from the Haudenosaunee confederacy to municipalist syndicalism, and pan-African social ecology to dual power tenant unions.

  • Editorial
  • What is Democracy?
  • The Confederation as the Commune of Communes
  • Municipalist Syndicalism as a 21st Century Rank-and-File Strategy
  • Electoral Road to Socialism?
  • Dual Power Tenant Unions
  • Dual Power in Practice
    • Native American Democracy
    • New England Town Meetings
    • Cooperation Jackson
    • Neighborhood Democracy in Chéran
    • Montreal’s Bottom-up Citizens’ Movement
    • NYC’s Lower East Side
  • Pan-African Social Ecology: an Interview with Modibo Kadalie
  • Social Ecology: the Climate Justice Struggle’s Missing Link
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Cultural Survival #43.4 – Quarterly

Our work on the front lines of advocacy with international Indigenous communities is predicated on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and our programming works to inform Indigenous people of their rights, issues and threats affecting their communities.

Cultural Survival believes that vibrant and durable communities rest on the principles of self-determination, human rights, informed citizenry and access to information, the freedom of expression, and the right to organize and shape the future in a way consistent with one’s tradition, language, culture and community – and we believe Indigenous Peoples have the power and solutions to solve many of today’s problems when respected and empowered to do so.

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The Local Kids #5 – Irregular

A contribution to a correspondence between those who desire anarchy and subversion.

  • Cut Straight To The Fear
  • Every Day In The Present!
  • Hostility Towards Politics
  • Letter Into The Void
  • Misleading Appearances
  • An Insurrection Against Destiny
  • Banished Experiences
  • The Impossible
  • Consensus
  • Hold Your Head Higher
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Radical Philosophy #2.06 – Quarterly

  • Articles
    • The inorganic body in the early Marx
    • Securitati perpetuae
    • The revival of Hegelian Marxism
    • On the origins of Marx’s general intellect
    • The racial regime of aesthetics
  • Interview
    • Critical theory and lived experience with Jordi Maiso
  • Reviews
    • Sacred Channels
    • Whither Fanon?
    • India’s Revolutionary Inheritance
    • Plural Maghreb
    • Grenze filmen
    • For a Left Populism
    • African Philosophy as Critical Universalism
    • Fully Automated Luxury Communism
    • Liquidation World
    • Letter from Kashmir
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KSL Bulletin #99 – Quarterly

The Kate Sharpley Library exists to preserve and promote anarchist history. We preserve the output of the anarchist movement, mainly in the form of books, pamphlets, newspaper, leaflets and manuscripts but also badges, recordings, photographs etc. We also have the work of historians and other writers on the anarchist movement.

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Prisoner Support

Fire Ant #5 – Irregular

Fire Ant is a quarterly publication focused on spreading the words of anarchist prisoners and generating material solidarity for our imprisoned friends. Begun as a collaboration between anarchist prisoners and anarchists in Maine, Fire Ant seeks to raise material aid for anarchist prisoners while fostering communication between anarchists on both sides of the walls.

Issue #5 includes a letter from Jennifer Rose; a letter, two poems, and updates from Michael Kimble; an open letter to Eric King by Sean Swain; a message and a poem by Eric King; two pieces by Noah Coffin; an essay by Thomas Meyer-Falk (on indefinite detention in Germany); and original art by Marius Mason and Noah Coffin.

Download the PDF

Words of Fire #10 – Irregular

We are excited to announce that we just published the 10th edition of Words of Fire, our semi-regular ‘zine of writings, drawings, and poetry by people in prison!!

We are incredibly grateful to all the authors for sharing their work with us. And big thanks go to our volunteer who worked so hard to pull together this edition!

Download the PDF


Fantasma #3 – Irregular

  • Editorial
  • From a pebble to a rockfall (Interview)
  • Greetings from the underground
  • My secret
  • The others and I
  • Experiences of banishment (Incognito)
  • Comrade arrested after 7 years on the run
Download the PDF in English or Deutsch


Anathema #5.7 (Philly) – Monthly

A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical.

  • Global Insurrection
  • Pink Wave
  • What Went Down
  • Ring And The New Policing
  • Lasers!!!
  • During The Quiet
  • Sean Bonney Poem (Confessions 2)
  • Interview: 10 Years After The UC Occupations
  • Response to “Property Destruction Is Not Enough”
  • Pinkerton
  • Bomb Scares
  • End The Abatement?
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Montreal Counter-Info #9 – Quarterly
  • No government will save the planet for us – We have to save the planet from the government!
  • When the police attack
  • An anarchist response to climate change
  • Our masks protect us
  • History says it clearly: the insurrection for the climate must know how to defend itself
  • Recuperation and its multiple forms
  • The vultures are already circling overhead
Download the PDF for reading or printing.

Salvo – Summer, 2019 (Cali) – Quarterly

Salvo is a multimedia project that focuses on working class perspectives and issues in the greater Los Angeles area of California.

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Rebel Worker #224 (Sydney) – Irregular

  • Sell-off of QLD
  • NSW railway news
  • Sydney buses news
  • Victorian railway news
  • Britain today: Organising in the gig economy
  • French labour news
  • Bookreview corner
  • Debate on blockade tactics
  • Mexican syndicalist history
  • News & notes
Download the PDF

Freedom #79.1 (London) – Irregular

Having gone mostly online in 2014, Freedom continues to publish an irregular paper today. Those and many other issues stretching back to our founding in 1886.

Download the PDF

No More Illusions (Michigan) – Irregular

Articles on campaign approaches, reports on a variety of actions and brief updates about actions across the US.

  • Build Resistance or Accept Apocalypse; Organize Community Self-Defense
  • All Out Against the Klan in Dayton
  • Reports from Across the Midwest
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