Seeking Ride Need to hitch a ride torwards houston texas asap

Jul 27, 2018
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Norfolk, Virginia
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My fiance and i are needing to hitch a ride to houston texas and want to know if there is anyone going that way. We are willing to help out with gas money and hotel. Imtrying ro get there so i can reunite with my childhood best friend. She was injured on july 16,2018 due to a freak accident while horse riding and is now paralysed. I promised her i would do everything i could to get down there to see her and thats what i intend to do. We are traveling semi light with 2 backpacks, a duffle bag and small suitcase. (And my purse of course.) We are excited for the oppertunity to hitch hike cross country and are ready as soon as someone is willing to take us. We hope to hear from you soon.... So hit us up!!!!

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