Seeking Ride Need a RIDE -Tucson, ARIZONA 2- Brownwood,TEXAS (1 Viewer)

Tria Ann

Jan 7, 2019
Current Location
Tucson Arizona
Traveling from
Tucson az
Brownwood tx
:)Hi, I’m looking for a ride from Tucson,AZ to Brownwood,TX! As soon as anybody is headed that way let me know, I can pay for my part of gas and food
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May 5, 2019
Current Location
Phoenix Arizona
Howdy, just found this forum from some people I gave a ride to. I am heading to North Carolina from Phoenix pretty soon and going near Brownwood tx on the way. Let me know if you want to tag along.


May 5, 2019
Current Location
Phoenix Arizona
Be cautious.

I'm the guy in my group of friends who moved to the southwest where the best fun cars are at due to the fantastic weather. Because of that I end up with fun messages like "hey Jimi, go check this car out for me" Wich then turns into "hey, if I pay for everything can you bring it to me?"

Long story short this trip is delivering a Corvette to Raleigh to my best friend but instead of the standard i-40 straight through I'm going south through Dallas for a free place to stay with another friend who happens to be in town for some work related conference.

Either way! The original poster hasn't been online in a while so I can only assume she got her ride but if anyone else needs to go from the Phoenix area to somewhere along the way to Raleigh NC (staying in Dallas, and then Nashville) let me know! Space is a premium as it's only a two seater with a tiny trunk (convertible).

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