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Dec 7, 2014
If you guys wanna follow me, here's my travel blog!

Here's my second article about my 2 days spent in Mumbaï. Be warned, my articles tend to be pretty extensive!

So the flight went great, but that's pretty much the only part. So far, I can tell Mumbaï is a complete Hellhole, and I can only hope the rest of the country isn't that bad.

So I try to leave the airport by foot, but some security guy tells me apparently I can't. Gotta geta cab, so I get a prepaid cab, I get completely ripped off, but I don't really care since it's 3 in the morning, and I'm assuming it's just the airport's price, I just wanted to get to my hotel. Which took like 30 mins (the time it would've taken me on foot) because the driver apparently never heard of my hotel. Anyway, I get in, The guy tells me he never had my reservation, but there's still a room left, so I get in, and we'd get an arrangement in the morning. Worst room I ever had! There's roaches, the shower is the entire bathroom with a drain. Like, I could literally take a shower and a shit at the same time *Not happening, nope!! xD Which I will later learn is the norm in India, but with much larger rooms. So I unroll my sleeping mat, take out my own pillow and call it at night! *Next day*After looking at my credit card report, the reservation payment never got through, so I pay for the room then head to the city train station (kind of a subway but over the city) to the south of the city, because I wanna take the ferry to Elephanta Island, a place where there's caves and rock sculpture and stuff.

My first subway ride went great, but the second... Oh shit. OH SHIT!! Lemme try and explain it to you. At every stop, there people running and pushing and screaming to get out, and the people who wanna get in. It often gets violent! And my stop was the last... Nice! I manage to get out, walk about one hour full-load (50 pounds backpack) and It's always 100ishF and 35ishC in India. So I never drank that much water in my entire life! I arrive at the gate of India, a monument which is also where you take the ferry for Elephanta caves. Unfortunately, it's closed today because of the tides or something. Instead, I manage to deal myself a car visit of the touristic attractions of Mumbai (Gardens, temples, the house of Ghandi, etc.) I dealt it, but in my opinion, it was still a ripoff but well... the driver drives me off at the salvation Army to get a place to sleep in a dorm for 200Rs. I tell him I'd rather walk around first. I wander the city and meet a british guy who claims to have been mugged. I try to help him out, he gives me a couple great advices (Always ask for taxis to use the meter, otherwise if you prepay, they'll charge you double! If they refuse, tell them it's illegal and you can call the police, they usually change their mind eheh) but he also ended up stealing me 3000Rs. Lesson learnt. Be an asshole.

Fuck that guy! I get back to the salvation army at like 8PM, but it's full. Shit. I walk around, stressed about where the hell I'm gonna sleep, then a kid tells me his father has an hotel for 600Rs. Fair enough, I follow him, but at check-in, his father tells me it's 700Rs. Sweet, another guy trying to rip me off!! I would've packed my shit and left, but then I'd have nowhere to go, so I try to get it back at 600 but end up paying 700.

Not so fun fact in India: anyone talking to you wants to sell you something or take you to an expensive place where he'll get a commission. Very insistently. Oh, and you can't walk 20ft without having someone talking to you.

First thing I do next morning is to book a ticket to Udaipur. Gotta get the fuck outta here. The guy tells me there's none until 11:45 PM. Shit, another day stuck in this goddamn city!! Fair enough, I guess! This guy obviously ripped me off again, but it gave me an idea of the prices because the bought price was written on the ticket.

So I try my chance again to go to Elephanta Island, but it's closed again!! Not the season, I guess!! So I keep wandering the city, and I don't know what's the Indian's deal with pictures, but I got asked at least 20 times a day for pictures. Alright then! You want a picture? 2 rupees!! That usually do the trick and they go away ehehe.

Also by now, I realised Mumbai was really filthy. There's trash everywhere, despite all the signs saying ''Keep Mumbai clean'' or the trash cans saying ''Use me'' and all that. That one moment shocked me very much, I actually got pissed again (It's becoming the norm now). I was next to the sea, watching a fish bank in the water, and an Indian guy walks up to my side, unknots his plastic bag, and empties his trash in the sea!! I almost shouted at him WTF!! There's a trash can 10 feet away!! I must've been speechless from awe...

Anyway, I kept chilling, walking and enduring the constant annoyment until I leave for the railyard. Where I saw some pretty weird carcasses hanging from a food stand. Totally looked like cats xD.
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Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Very cool - and I will follow your blog! And hopefully you got the bad out of the way and it's all good from now on :)


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Dec 18, 2011
Brighton, United Kingdom
I think instead of thinking that people are ripping you off just consider them as trying to make a living. A few rupees to you is annoying but it probably makes a big difference to them and their families. It happened a few times to me when I was in Mexico and after a while I just got over it because it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I'm not saying let people take the piss and by all means barter but if they win don't get stressed about it. I've also found that showing little interest to begin with and then walking away will often open up a situation where you can get a price on something reduced whether it's a day trip, taxi or a souvenir.

Another thing I've tried that works, is don't ask out right for the thing that you want. So if you want to get a tour of somewhere don't ask for that straight away ask about something else, you don't want to seem too keen. Then casually ask about the tour you want to go on. Say it's too expensive, walk away and see what they do. Often they'll reduce the price. If not then leave and come back in a bit and try and again. Don't give too much away and don't be overly cheeky with getting a reduction. It works, I even do it in England where I live.


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Jan 2, 2009
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i've never been to india but have had friends who've been several times. lucky you. I'm guessing it gets a lot better once you get out the of shithole bigger cities - that's always been my experience in foreign countries with a lot of poor people, who think that every American/Canadian/European that visits is rich.

I'm sure you already know, but hide money if different places on your person and be mindful of little street kids trying to pickpocket you. I know its hard not to get pissed about things, but shit happens...just learn from it, brush it off, and don't let it taint the rest of your time there.
WanderLost Radical
Dec 7, 2014
Very cool - and I will follow your blog! And hopefully you got the bad out of the way and it's all good from now on :)
It did!! Udaipur and Jaisalmer are just great!! Super laid back atmosphere, merchants are still annoying but it's wayy bet

Sounds like my first experience in Morocco. Be strong, and eventually you'll become numb to such sights. I hope the countryside is nicer for you! Gonna check out Varanasi?
I've heard about it and I might, depending on if I end up near it. Because it's way out from my current plans

I'm sure you already know, but hide money if different places on your person and be mindful of little street kids trying to pickpocket you. I know its hard not to get pissed about things, but shit happens...just learn from it, brush it off, and don't let it taint the rest of your time there.
Yeah, I've got my passeport and all the important stuff as well as most of my money in an under-pant hidden pouch, plus 2 wallets. one with very few rupees and the other with a bit more for bigger expenses. Because I don't feel like it's a good idea to unneccesarily open a wallet full of money in the streets for everyone to see.

And thanks for all the advices guys!!

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