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Thor and Broomhilda

Dirty Kid king
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Aug 5, 2018
Little Rock, AR
Sorry for the house setting back ground don't let it fool you I was just under a bridge for weeks, any ways they take me out shopping and lunch and everything, stay the night and gamble slots, and board games, super great times super blessed anyways there was a rocker dog costume with a guitar hotglued onto it and a bowtie so i got it, they paid and insisted. . . . but she so cute. I also got a dog sweater snd I paid for it. But I cut any melted. The glue off and sewed on a patch to make us punk rock leftover Twinkies. But they. Took me in two nights in a row gave me booze pills pot brownies money bought shot, morw money, and her mom iz offering to let me crash a few days, ironicly I already met the ladys husband ie, the girls dad. . . tripping acid at the store. And have talked prior. Snd he talked aboit my vest. . . ramble ramble
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