MOSSY OAK Fieldline Pro Series ELITE Backpack Internal Frame Pack

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Nov 25, 2015
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Thought I would share my experience with a back pack that I purchased this past October 2017. Purchased this bag from Walmart due to an emergency because my previous bag got demolished.

It is not uncommon for me to go through several back packs a year because of the way I travel. I tend to be rough on my bags and put them through extreme punishment.

I purchased this back pack for $50.00 dollars at Walmart. It is called the Mossy Oak Highland Internal Frame Pack

I don't say this often about back packs that come from Walmart but I am actually impressed with this bag for the price.

Not going to go as far as saying it is the best bag that I have ever owned however it is one hell of a tough back pack.

The bag has big zippers that do not easily get snagged and the zippers are big. The material is a lot thicker than normal bags and because of this the material is very strong and durable, kinda like the material of a army duffle bag or Alice back pack.

The straps are very durable but for good measures I always reinforce all my new back pack straps with dental floss. Plenty of padding around the shoulder area. Belly strap is spot on. It has a internal frame.

Lots of pockets inside the bag and out for different storage needs. A few things that I disliked about the bag is that the chest strap in my opinion is to thin and the clip to small. The rest of the snap clips are thick and have been very durable.

Have trained hopped with this bag serval times and its held up to the punishments that bags will endure while train hopping.
Once again I am not saying its the best bag in the world however if your on a tight budget and in need of good, durable and affordable bag this would be a good choice.

It also has alot of different strap loops to attach things on the outside of the bag. Wouldn't recommend it for walking great distances as far as hiking for miles on end but it does make one hell of a train hopping bag.
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Feb 4, 2018
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I too am guilty of bag abuse and am in need of a new medium pack. Trying to scrounge for a maxpedition or bds 1000d but will probably have to settle for a 800d import bag. The voodoo tac bags i been using hold up almost a year but im only out half the year dragging them around. Ive had my smaller edc bag for a few years and the camelbak for about 10 but they dont get abused and tossed the way my ruck does.
What do you need a backpack for? Train hopping, hitch hiking, multi purpose bag for groceries, dumpsters, or a hiking bag?

I make great handmade backpacks (roll top or flap top) with 1000D Cordura or 1680D Ballistic nylon, Ultratex vinyl liner (crackproof up to -40F) Those backpacks are extremely abrasion resistant and full weather proof. The rolltop backpack is very versatile and perfect for hopping trains.

I do other items such as fanny packs, hip pouches, radio holster, dog backpack harnesses and more... All at a very reasonable and friendly price! Fully customizable. From Montreal Canada.

Hit me up!

Martin from Kinowa Gear

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