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Sep 4, 2008
So hello, I'm not really new to this site, but I've remained inactive with my account for the past 8 months or so. But not that I'm out travelling it's time to get things rolling again.

So, I'm in Richmond, VA. Have been for the past 3 weeks. I don't have a place to stay, so I've kinda been couch surfing/sleeping under bridges/in friends cars. I've been trying to find a job so far, but to no avail. If it starts getting real cold, I may hop out and try to go south to NOLA or something.

I haven't really talked to much people on this site, but the past few days I've been exchanging emails with Oldmanlee. We met up today and he bought me coffee/lunch. Which was real cool and nice of him. He's a genuine dude. I reccomend hanging out with him if you get the chance. He's loaded with useful information.... Which is why I am writing this thread.

Here is some of the information that I was able to jot down during our meeting:

There is a place called Luxor vintage in Cary Town, it's a sort of antique/thrift shop if I'm not mistaken. It's owned by a guy named Larry who I briefly met. Apparently if you dumpster dive in RVA and find some nice clothes, or boots. He will buy them from you for a reasonable price. I was told that if you have anything that is Southeast Asian, he's a real avid collector of anything from that area. He's especially big on SE Asian knives. So if you're ever in a pinch for money and think you've got something that would be worth his time. I would definitly go check it out.

Thrift Shops:[/U]

Love of Jesus Thrift: 5503 Midlothian Tpke... Take Boulevard to the southside, Then get on Hull St., there should be a shopping center somewhere around there and in the back corner is a thrift shop name Love of Jesus. Lee told me that LOJ thrift is a great place to find winter clothes for real cheap, he said something about getting some nice woll supplies for $3 that are normally sold for $275. They also sell mess kits and all of those sorts of things.

Fantastic thrift: 1914 W Main St... Great for buying tools, if you need any.

Diversity Thrift: 1407 Sherwood Ave... Supposed to be great for misc. junk. Go there right after Xmas and you can find some good deals on clothes.

North Side Flea: Not sure exactly where it is, but my notes say catch the chamberlayne bus to Azalea... google maps tells me 5209 Wilkinson Rd is the address for the Azalea flea market. Not sure if that's it but I'm sure Lee will comment with further info on it. It's great to check out on saturdays, you can find some great deals on valuables being sold really cheap.

Westend: Pretty much sucks from what I've heard. But I don't know for sure, never been, and don't really have any desires to go.

Bryant Park: Okay for camping if you stay hidden... Lots of cops there on the weekend, so keep that in mind.

Fishing: DO NOT fish below the northern end of Belle Isle, also stay away from the 14th St bridge area, apparently there is an old paper factory there that dumped its chemicals into the river and the fish there are so bad, not even the birds eat them. It's rumored that there are a couple of 200+ pound catfish around there though.


Word is, VCU is always looking for people to model nude for their art students, sounds like a good deal to me if you're comfortable with it. All you have to do is stand around naked and get paid $10-12/hr for it. You may need to have a bank account because they probably only pay you by direct deposit.

VCU is also usually looking for help in their cafeterias/dining halls. I've looked into this already you need to work for ARAMARK which is a big corporate business that caters to schools/parks all over the world. They definitly do a background check, and probably a piss test. So I'd only check it out if you're a goody two shoes.

Texas Beach: Not sure exactly where it is, I think at the very southern end of randolph, by maymont. My notes say that if you take Meadow through Randolph to the end and make a left you will see signs for it. Possible spot to hook a train out. Possible camping area too, just make sure that you stay out of the obvious areas where people can see you, and sometimes there are some sketchy people so make sure you have atleast another person with you and that he/she or you are a light sleeper.

FOOD: There are Paw Paw trees all over richmond, you've just got to look for them. Pawpaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - The fruit is edible but I can't stress it enough to not eat ones with any brown on them, they are fermented and will make you sick. Also make sure you do not eat the skins, or the seeds.

It is also rumored that there are a couple of Fig trees in the Texas Beach area. They may also be in other spots but I don't know where. Look out for them, Figs are good eatin'.

Krispy Kreme: 4910 W Broad St... Great fresh doughnuts, make sure you show up when the sign in the window is lit up. That means their doughnuts are coming out right then and they're fresh. Best to not try your luck on Sundays because the crowd is mostly people trying to get their munch on after church. But if you go there trying to get some change than your luck may provide a different story.

Well, that seems to be all the info I have for now. All of this info is here thanks to Oldmanlee.

Lee- if I gave any wrong information or left anything out, please comment so people can get the full truth. And thanks for all the info. I'm sure it'll be of good use to people.

That's all for now. If anybody in the Richmond, VA area wants to hang out ever, just send me a Private Message... I'm trying to meet some people down here and make some friends.
We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!


I deleted myself
diversity rocks.

i still have a t and cammo shorts i got from there 4 years ago.

super cheap, plus the money goes to gay rights and junk


Sep 4, 2008
yea, the gay part was in my notes, just forgot to add it. seems like a rad spot.


Sep 7, 2009
Hi foks,I made a mistake on one part of the info I gave crumb.The name of the thrift store is Good Samaritan,not love of jesus.Went by today,and they are putting out the winter stuff,and wensday is buy one get one free!Just watch out for the Menonite ladies,they shop there,especially on wensday,and have sharp elbows!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dirty Rig

Jun 7, 2007
Panda Veg and Little Caesers on VCU campus both kickdown at 11:00. Last time I was there, we got about 7 pizzas and 5 whiteboxes of veggie/vegan food. Good eatin'!


I deleted myself
You still in RVA? I'm kicking it here for another day or two.

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