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This ain't meant to be rude but the roads are really rough now, though there are still a lot of good people out there. If you don't know what you're doing and you're at loose ends or having an early midlife crisis- the rails and roads ain't the place fore that. You'll get lost, drunk, mouthy, or stupid- eventually just any one of those things, just one will end you. People have a mean streak in them right now that is just ridiculous.

Internet Video Famewhores shined a light on 'bos where it was already too damn hot to die.Jim Stobie or WTF his name was caused more grief for people who were responsible riders. Responsible, respectful riders at least gave the following to the corporate welfare pigs(th freightlines): no tagging their cars, no breaking into spaces(oh this warm automated engine just happened to be open my ass), no leaving trashcans full of empties and buckets of rancid chicken or in general do a lot of things Jim showcased and was just so kewl.

I'm not trying to scare you, be rude to you, or discourage you. But know what you know before you go, and don't try and wing it. It ain't the time for it.

Get your head together, budget your trip, mark rest stops that allow sleeping and are patrolled, don't carry dope or drive stoned, keep the beer to the trunk and no empties in the vehicle, only carry if you got the permit and it's valid in the states or areas you're transgressing. If the budget gets fucked, stop what you are doing and figure out how much to get to home base. Get a successful rubber tramp trip under your belt. Go from there.

Otherwise if you've really got the world by the ass like you say, best wishes to you, be safe, be respectful, don't get locked up, and don't fuck it up for others.

And yeah I know Stobie is dead now, I didn't say anything wasn't true and I hope he's happy where ever his belief system(if he had one) dictated. But the truth is the truth.
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Cornellius Mcgillicuddy

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Apr 23, 2020
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Reno, Nevada
Im near Tahoe, was in Placerville awhile but in Folsom now outside the Sacramento valley. If you are ever passing through message me. I ride my motorcycle around tahoe when the weather isn't freezing.
Been a few yrs but isn't Tahoe like an hour from Reno/Sparks? There used to be a bus I'm pretty sure... Fuck I hate that area.
Reno gets shit all the time, but really folks, out mayor has cleaned f’king house..... all the shorty motels , gone! Lots of good jobs, beautiful mountains, shall I say Lake Tahoe, year round awesomeness. Reno is a cool base to a lot of places, don’t know why we get no love. I guess that tv show f’ked things up more than I realize!

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