Missing Malus Pesto from Arcata


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Sep 14, 2018
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Cali, unfortunately.

Computer simulated; he actually looked a lot worse than this when I saw him at Winco's a couple of weeks ago. He is a fourteen year old child who was abducted by his half brother at the age of ten. He has Stockholm Syndrome and would not want to go home even if he still had a home to go back to. Please keep an eye out for him and feel free to dm me if he ever needs $$$ or food or weed or anything.

He might possibly be going by the name I gave him at birth, obfuscated here to protect his privacy: Ta' [email protected] Re\/0loooshun

If you are reading this, My Little Miracle, then you've already found your way out of our own private hell. Have fun. Learn stuff. Grow.

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