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obey no one

Dec 28, 2019
on the move
mini screen.jpg
built this the other day, still very much a work in progress, did my first test prints, and they didn't come out as well as i hoped, but i know what adjustments i need to make. i will build another slightly bigger one for the next test. my idea is to try to set up a small mobile screen printing shop i can do out of my van, off the grid. this is a slow long term project, that i pretty sure i can do, just need to work out all the kinks.
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obey no one

obey no one

Dec 28, 2019
on the move
2501-152852 (2).jpg
I started as a diy screen printer long ago, not sure what to say now, i've printed for a living, but am starting out the diy way now, but once i get things worked out, my work will look pro.

here is one of the test prints. white ink on black vinyl. this is one of my old logos from when i used to print before. kinda okay in a punk rock way, but not good enough. the ink is clogging in the screen which is why it looks splotchy. i need to go to a lower screen mesh, also i didn't use a vacuum table to hold the vinyl in place which probably didn't help the print quality. but a vacuum table requires electricity and my profile pick shows my power set up, which is probably not good enough for alot of printing, but i could scale it up. a better option is to use a little adhesive to hold the vinyl down to the print board, no power needed.
going to a lower screen mesh is problematic for holding the small detail that is likely to be needed for a small print like a sticker. not sure if this ink / mesh combo will work, but i'm gonna try it anyway.
next print test will probably be in a couple of weeks when i pick up some more supplies, lower mesh screen, pallet tape, liquid pallet adhesive, and build a slightly bigger print table. probably around 10 x 13. also need a different block out, this ink broke down the block out after about 6 prints. also probably a 4" squeegee.

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