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Dec 24, 2010
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The Road
So I'm not too sure what to say of myself. I found this forum with the interest of trainhopping, and having been living in squats on and off for a year or two.
I'm from Montreal, Quebec but was raised in Vancouver, BC from 2 years old. I'll be going back to Montreal for the first time since we moved out here this summer, gonna hop across Canada with my dog Zarathustra, named for the book Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Frederiech Nietsche, an amazing book for anyone into existentialism and philosophy.

Around mid-march I hopped my first train. Again, I was alone but for my dog's company. Rode in a unit (I'll post pictures eventually) the first time from Boston Bar to Kamloops, then a few days later on a 53 from Kamloops to outside of Salmon Arm (destination Revelstoke) where we (I was with a few friends at this point) got pulled off by the cops. Luckily they didn't give us a ticket, just showed us where the highway was and said to walk. We all split up (three people with three dogs is a hard hitch) and I went alone. Hilariously got picked up by a guy who's dad was a trainrider in the 30's, he was stoked on my story and bought me a huge breakfast in Salmon Arm.

I've been killing time until tax returns come, then I'm gonna gas up the car and go up to the farm I wintered at in 100 Mile House for a few days, park there and ride up and out to the east coast for summer. Always just havin' a time.

Uhh, I play music, busk with a fiddle and play drums in a few metal and experimental bands when I'm homebound. Anybody wanna jam?

I prefer busking, I know alot of people who make huge bank flying signs or panhandling, but I like to offer something in exchange for the cash I earn. I was a carpenter for 3 years after dropping out of high school in grade 10, have my 1st year apprenticeship so I can go back to the workin world whenever I please, but that won't be any time soon for damn sure.

I've tried living as a farmer, a working class stiff, a college kid, and now I'm living as a wanderer, scratching those itchy feet while I'm young enough to bend over that way. I think the key to survival in the coming years will be adaptability, and I know this way of life is a great way to live. I'm fucking loving every moment, the good and bad, the loneliness and the subsequent joy at seeing a friendly face, waking up to the first drops of rain on my cheeks or to the sound of a freight rolling by. I love meeting all the travelling kids, there are some sketchy assholes and I'm grateful for them. And there are some amazing, intelligent and happy people that are down to share experiences, and I'm so fucking grateful for them.

This is the best tribe I've been a part of, glad to be here folks! Sorry for the disjointed random ranting of this post, I'm not quite sure what to say, but was inclined to type something up..

Heres hoping to meet a good many of you fuckers on the road!:drinking:
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Mar 22, 2011
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the west coast
damn fine post. I am actually reading thus spoke zarathustra currently, my friend gave it to me I am enjoying it very much. really like your avatar man good stuff hope to see you around. I play harmonica and the saw amongst other things. spangeing makes you more money but i aggree it feels better to earn something.


Dec 24, 2010
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The Road
Yeah, I've tried spanging, and sometimes in towns where busking would get you kicked outta your spot faster I can understand it. In nanaimo we were actually told it's illegal to busk but we can panhandle. I also flew a sign at a meridian when all my other friends were taking turns and I felt I needed to contribute, but it really just made me feel like shit, people look down on you, or avoid looking at you in general. It only generates shame, negativity and sadness and that's not what I'm about. With music, I may be making less, but I don't need much anyways, and I'm sharing something great with people, it's give and take and the beer I buy tastes that much better for the work and smiles made.

Thanks for the kind words, maybe we'll meet on the dusty trail one day. What instruments do you guys play?
Apr 4, 2011
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Yo. I'd say welcome, but I've only been here about a week longer than you haha.

Spanging really makes more than busking? Thats fucked man. I'd rather give money to someone who's tryin to do something for me atleast. I was planning on trying out busking soon. I play guitar but I recently picked up mandolin and was hoping that the novelty factor might make me a few extra bucks. but idk i've never done it.

spanging seems a little shitty. I'd rather get paid for doing something, if only bringing some good vibes by doing something I love.

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Fever in the funkhouse now
nearly got arrested this morning for graffiti crime! I wrote"nice toilet, five stars will shit here again" and this fucking KID who looked like a fucking boy scout wanted to arrest me !?!?!?!?!?!? did I get that drunk I woke up in north korea this morning ?