Ride Offered Miami/ Ft Lauderdale/ WPB to Mobile, AL and anywhere inbetween

May 8, 2018
Current Location
Lake Worth, FL
100% 0% 0%
Departing from: Miami/Fort Lauderdale/ Lake Worth
Destination: Mobile, AL final, but can pick kids up anywhere but Jax
Date range: Upcomin Tuesday

About me:

Hey yall, Im headed towards Mobile, AL for a godawful work gig from the FL Tricounty this Tuesday. Leaving Tuesdayish and gotta be there by Thursday, but Id be willing to pick up/ drop off folks anywhere besides Jacksonville cause I got a warrant in Duval.

Im queer as fuck and get along with pretty much everyone as long as youre not racist/ homophobic/ transphobic etc. If you are Ill probably ditch you at a McDonalds somewhere. No bugs, depends on the drugs, I love booze but aint schwilly. I got a pooch who wont be with me, so pups and all other critters welcome as long as they dont got fleas or maul me or some shit! Gas is covered by the people hiring my sorry ass so ya dont even gotta do bum stuff! A god damn dream ride!

Holler at me! I promise Im way nicer than I sound on the internet!

Jun 12, 2018
Current Location
Nahunta, GA
88% 13% 0%
I know this is prolly way too late but you still round? I'm in GA...BFE. But can get a ride to the interstate close by. Thnx

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