Man's Homemade Sex Doll Is Absolutely Horrifying (1 Viewer)


Chasing the Darkness
Jan 4, 2009
Montreal, Canada
Fuck this is some next level DIY shit:

This Man's Homemade Sex Doll Is Absolutely Horrifying
Coming to an Etsy shop near you.


In a project that would have dominated crafting shame-forum Regretsy, Redditor zeppelin_weapon has introduced the world to his very own homemade sex doll. To the surprise of no one, it's literally the most heinous monstrosity to ever be sticky taped together. I honestly cannot discern the sex doll's torso from the contents of the garbage bag I just left on the curb outside my apartment.

Why was this man so desperate to fuck a semi-female-shaped object that he had to go with a DIY fuck piñata?

I sort of feel like I should give everyone a NSFW warning for the photos below, but they're also about as sexually provocative as a balloon tied to a magazine tied to a sneaker can be. I have seen more aesthetically pleasing things come up after I've snaked a toilet.

If you would like to try this at home, from what I can make out, you will need: papier mâché, a knee brace, masking tape, four used bodega bags with the receipt left inside, crinkled Cover Girl ads circa 1998 when Sarah Michelle Gellar was last famous, thermal underwear, a balloon, a black wig, a sweatshirt hood, generic brand lotion, rolled up towels, errant pieces of fabric, tennis shoes (they're just more practical than heels), the entire contents of a Chinatown dumpster, and a shit ton of free time. Can't we start a Kickstarter to raise the $5K it will cost to get this guy an actual customizable Real Doll love doll?
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deleted user

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I wonder if these magazine models ever picture their photo turning into shit like this. " Today was an excellent shoot.. fuck these are going right on a doll, fuck"


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All I feel is sorrow for anyone involved in this.


Nov 8, 2013
:O so so sad that someone is such an introvert that they cannot go out and get a real toy and/or human. there is plenty of people out there to 'have fun with'.


Kim Chee

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Honestly, Wizehop. Where do you find this stuff?

By the looks of it, somebody is definitely an ass man.


Oct 10, 2008
The Real Dolls remind me of something out of Ghost In The Shell....

Regardless, wouldn't it have just been easier, and a lot less time spent, for him to hire a sex worker? Unless he lives in the middle of nowhere....

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