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He Who Abides

Aug 18, 2015
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Hi! I've not posted here much but I figure I should start giving it a go. Hello!

I used to live on a sailboat with me pa when I was a lad, and I learned a little bit, but it's been some time now and I'm thinking of getting myself a fixer upper sail dinghy to learn on. What can I say? The sea has a way of calling you back to er.

I was wondering if any of you guys had links to ebooks or epubs online for learning how to sail/beginner resources. I only have a smart phone and not too much cash, so anything that is free or "being shared online" is appreciated. We could maybe use this thread to pass around the links so others are informed.

Also, general advice would be cool. I'm no greenhorn to the sea, but I'm definitely not a seasoned sea dog either. Likewise, not all my knowledge is 100% on spot or in synch with the parlence of our sailing times. Probably a lot of things I could improve... that and I don't know what 50% of the ropes and cords do lol. Probably good to fix that.
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Wise Sage
Feb 22, 2011
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VA for now
How is it going! I have found a lot of stuff on the web, but I think the best resource is a book called "the Complete sailor." It is a fantastic, detailed yet entertaining text with plenty of descriptive illustrations along the way.

Karol Triskel

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Ahoy He Who Abides ! What sailboat have you ? What area are you sailing at the moment ? My first aswer is : ask sailors , dont be shy :D but if you are look some sailing school on You tube . Lot of info you will find there my friend. Skipp Novak for example :D Yachting world -sailing safe or some . Tell us , show us what boat you have , maybe somebody have some info about good and but side of your boats. Regards !
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Nov 23, 2015
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Tampa Fl usa
Screw the Sailing Dinghy, Get online to Craigslist, Kijiji, and any other sites you can find, put up an ad for wanted free sailboat that needs work, fix it up yourself on the cheap. Sailing a 20-30ft sailboat is no harder than a dinghy, learning on this will also provide you a place to live off the grid. When I bought my Martin 29 I didnt know anything after meeting a few people around the docks and having them take me out on my boat sailing bribing them with a few beer at the end of the summer I knew how to basic sail and had a great time. Also walk around the boat yards in your area ask the owner if there is any derilict boats that have not paid there storage in a long time. Some yards will give them to you for little money or nothing and drop them in the water just to get rid of them for the space. Make sure they give you a Bill of sale though in case you ever run into the original owner.

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