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Jun 17, 2013
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Come check out the Long Haul InfoShop in Berkeley, California! It's two blocks from Ashby Bart (train) station, and is a great place to read, attend events and network with other people! (both travelers, local homeless, and housies).

As a radical space, everyone is welcome until they act like a giant jerk! Have an idea for an event? Call during open hours or stop by and see if anyone wants to fuck with your idea!

They have an enormous library of old and new books and zines; a current zine center for new publications, a needle exchange program, a kitchen (for people who like to do their dishes), and a zine making loft where you can work on projects! COME THRU! :) The Long Haul needs support both through donations and help cleaning and maintaining the space.

Best! - West
Jul 9, 2017
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Happen to have just made it to the bay area today. I'll stop by soon. I'm stayyin here for a month to visit family. Could use some new reading material=)

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