Living in Nunavut (or close to it) and freighthopping to Canada (1 Viewer)


Dec 23, 2018
Can it be done? Can an American actually get on trains, illegally go into Canada, get a job or buikd a cabin and just live near or in the Nunavut to see the auroras in the sky or would the cold be too much and the reality impossible?
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Aug 23, 2018
Not really.
You could illegally enter canada via train yes. But it’s a fairly bad idea when you can just get a passport and get an automatic 3-6 month visa. Why risk going to jail and being banned ror life?
Getting a job? Probably.
Renting a cabin in nanvut durring the winter? This is a completley impractical idea. Nanavut is an arctic wilderness punctuated by a few villages and and small towns. Many people there still get a large portion of their diet from hunting and fishing. It ‘s very unlikley that someone just has an unused cabin just lying around for some random unprepared american to rent.And Even if you could find somewhere to, it’s going to be incredably expensive. Nearly everything has to be imported, fuel, some food items, building materials. Be prepared to pay 7$ for a loaf of bread.

There are better ways to see the aurora man.

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