Ride Offered Kinda just looking for love or if someone want a stable trailer in the Slabs

Nov 18, 2015
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Hello my name is Dominique Tomlin or on Youtube DomDelirium sc etc.
Recently my house hold has not been the greatest. Domestic disputes are a sad thing too deal with. I made the mistake of moving back too virginia in 2008. My family was completely stable. I forgot why I left as Well. But I'm ready to hit the road by October. Right now it's just me and my dog. I'm looking in rentals,meganbus,facebook and craiglist for a good truck. We are planning on just get situated. Head out too Brawley for work.
I wont lose everything now :) deffinately the environment. I want too live. Does anyone have recommendations on trucks or if landrovers are reliable cross country. I can work on car a tad. But my 21 trailer is ready go unfortunately there are no water later


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