key West live aboards harrassed even shot by FWC dispite ove deralict vessels (1 Viewer)

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Oct 5, 2019
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Pensacola FL
I have tramped in key west and I got extremely lucky that I was not arrested for flying a sign.i did for 45 mins and made about $200. I went north to homestead FL at that time and took on a job in the everglades. I was involved in altercation and did some months in the federal system and this lead me to be housed at the Monroe county detention center where I was able to talk to other travelers passing through who got caught up and also of course the local homeless who frequent the jail. They call themselves "snappers". From hearing their stories key west does not play around and they will harass the homeless and misfits doing bum stuff. They want key west to have the image of a resort town. I have known traveler who do fine in key West however most these are following the hobo code and working and being a camillian. (However it's spelled lol).... Be extremely careful and viligiant in this area.
Jul 15, 2019
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The word is chameleon - like an invisible homeless person. It's how I live.

I have been down once to Key West, but it was 15 years ago. Has it really changed that much??

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