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Ride Offered Kent Island, MD to Harper's Ferry & Shepherdstown, WV <June 17th> roundtrip return <June 20tht>

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Oct 16, 2015
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Departing from: Grasonville/Kent Island, MD
Destination: Harper's Ferry WV and Shepherdstown WV
Date range: @ 3PM - 7PM, Sunday June 17th.......returning @ 12PM or whatever, Wednesday June 20th

Going to be off from my seasonal gig for a few days and so the minute I am 'off' I am taking this opportunity to get off the peninsula and meander around this hilly college town, try to meet some cool WV natives and international students looking for friends. I don't really party so no real wild shit. You're not obligated to kick it with me; I will likely just be sleeping in the car or stealth camping for a few nights. I'll be passing through Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick and Harper's Ferry. I may consider swinging through to grab you in DC or NOVA if you can help me out with a couple ducketts or somethin.

I know a rider who has been through Harper's Ferry and they say it is a beaut of a ride. Not sure if there's a catch-out or what but this may be something you want to consider.

I do all the driving, it is a short trip. Dogs are cool. Drugs are not. Room for 3 more people and plenty trunk space for yr packs. Offer what you can in terms of food or cash, it's not a huge deal breaker if not - just don't give me any entitled shpiels, treat me with the same respect I offer you.

I will be returning on June 20th 'sometime in the afternoon' so maybe you're in the city and you wanna catch a ride to go bum around in a smaller town or go wander in the woods for a couple days and then catch a ride back with me, I think that'd work as long as you can respect my very clear and simple terms listed above. I can do this on my own just fine so I am making this offer from the goodness in my heart that's all ::woot::::artist:: ;)
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