Just geting back to Mpls!


Oct 20, 2015
Current Location
Minneapolis, MN, United States
After 3 months of visiting the southeast, I'm glad to be back in my safespace bubble in Minneapolis! I know I'm reading the place I live, but he reasons why I love it are the same reasons I crit it. Not going to argue with having healthcare, though!

I went to St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Athens (love it!), and Savannah as the main part of my travels. I stopped in Richmond (hated it!), and Pittsburgh (always love it!) on the way home! I learned a lot about myself, what's still going on in the south, and the kind of travel gear that bes suits me. I'm considering rubber tramping, but cost and maintaince are huge factors!

In the meantime, I can hang around here for a while, I pick up some info!
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