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Just Found This Forum and Wanted to Say Hello


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Hey all,

Recently became homeless and lost my job, just started hitching trying to get to the Ocean. I spent a lot of my youth backpacking in the Rockies with my old man, and had hitched a few places in my 20's. I spent almost two weeks living in a shelter someone had built out of driftwood on the Oregon coast and hadn't felt so happy in years. I'm here trying to pick up as much info in how to continue meandering about the country, generally trying to make it to some friend or family member to visit for a few days and hit the road again. It's a beautiful amount of info y'all have compiled here... and any other good sources of information on this lifestyle would be greatly appreciated. One love.


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There's nothing like the Oregon coast. After the rainbow gathering I'll be hitching out that way and the stp jamboree will be out there around the end of August. I really like the area around Canon Beach.

Do you have anywhere in particular you want to go or have anything in particular you're unsure of?