Joey Roadkill aka Travis (1 Viewer)


I deleted myself
Apr 22, 2018
Dallas Texas
Thief and liar , drunk tried to stab me during a drunken rage . He was known to roll with coon ass as a rubber tramper and I put the kid under my wing as I travel the rails . I know got his knife and he's got his ass beat bad . If anyone runs into him and he's running ftra slack with his mouth stay away because he is not . Also he stole a travelers pack and his gear last week in Birmingham while I was out spanging .


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Ezra Fyre

Aug 15, 2018
New Orleans
" He claims wrecking crew Nola but I know 90℅ of em and they don't know him" -

Yes they do!
You're totally correct, he's not one of them - but they do know him.
... if my never leaves home ass can recognize that kid from on Decatur... It's just because he ain't standing Infront of them, and their ass was drunk or trippn

But, thanks for the heads up he's a douche ::pompus::
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Hey thanks for the recent uploads to the library, looks like useful stuff!
Nearly done with the electrical system of the van. 170Ah Lithium ion, 2/4K inverter, 400 watt of solar, 40A MPPT controller. Should be up and running (or explode) this weekend.

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back in FL 4 da 3rd time til I head 2 Colorado
Hey folks, we've opened up a new thread to discuss organizing this year's jamboree in the san juan islands! You should throw in your two cents!
returning refreshed, refurbished and re-treaded ... om back what did i miss?
Offline for a short stint. Be back soon.
NOLA anybody? i got wheels. thinking about getting something to drink and marking some trains
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Nice picture, on the Wikipedia "hobo" page... I was working on that page a little, a few weeks ago. It's a total mess and I just scratched the surface, but I keep watching and hoping someone else will improve it. That photo improves it for sure. Wish I knew enough about hobo history to write something decent there.