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Jun 25, 2016
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Eureka, California
If anyone's interested, there are job openings on two historic recreations of tall-ships here on the west coast. The Lady Washington, and Hawaiian Chieftan. I've been on the Lady W, and It's an awesome experience. The crew was made up of a diverse group of people that sails up and down west coast ports offering tourist rides, and educational tours. Oh, the dress in period costume! They do awesome cannon battles too! I considered it, but alas, I'm a landlubber.

Anyway, I get their newsletter, and they're hiring for ship crews. Check it out...
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Mar 30, 2011
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Provincetown, ma
Working on a tall ship is a blast, and a great way to learn for free. Be advised you will have to pass a drug test! The USCG randomly drug tests all crew responsible for transporting humans over the water, so most companies will make you pass one just to get in the door.

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