It's That Time of Year-Dumpster Diving! (1 Viewer)

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Crazy Hobo Johnny
Jul 20, 2018
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Here's my finds so far!
A military backpack with no frame or shoulder straps, writing pens, forks & spoons, two cell phone chargers (they work!) AAA batteries, toilet paper, aluminum foil, can of beans, ramen noodles, bath soap, dish soap, DVDs and a black carrying bag. All found around the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin UWM



Jun 26, 2014
Bonn, Germany
Best single find I and a frirend of mine had was a bunch of stuff just outside of an apartment building.

I don't know for sure it was from students, but I guess so cause of the timing and the kind of stuff. Lot's of half used spicery and sauces (still long before the "best before" date) of chinese origin (so I assume they were Chinese students), cutlery, bowls and plates, a pair of skinny black jeans (I was really happy about those), a kettle, kitchen knives and other bits and pieces. All together a clothes basket full of stuff.

We brought all to the squat we were staying in at the time. Was really welcomed there. I only took the jeans for myself, cause I needed some better pants. :)


Burrito fund contributor
StP Supporter
Jan 2, 2009
Foothills of the Cascades, western WA
Oh hell yeah...thanks for the reminder. Spending tomorrow night on the boat in Bellingham to get some cleaning/organizing done and this seems like a good activity for the day as there's a university in town.

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