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Apr 25, 2018
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Berlin, Germany
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So if anyone else is in Ireland this summer there are a couple different busking contests and/or festivals.

one pays €3000.00

there is another one in Letterkenny:

Galway is a good busking place, although there is a general crackdown on busking, and travellers in Ireland in general lately.

It really is interesting to me how everywhere it seems like they are trying to get rid of people like us. Maybe I'm being myopic, but seriously...
Feb 11, 2017
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Coooool thanks ! I don't know if I'll be in Ireland this summer but it's definitely a good thing to know !
As for busking, I found USA very easy. Don't ever come to France it's so shit. My best session was 15euros for one hour for what I consider a good quality performance (it's actually the best I've ever played in the street, and it would pay WAY more in canada for example)
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