Introducing BRC Local #613 and the Fungusamongus Rendezvous


Nov 22, 2011
Current Location
West Coast
After many trials, tribulations, half-assery, and networking, our wild lands expeditionary/rewilding/ countereconomic guild has finalized as the Bokor River Company Local #613. As an emerging and expanding project sustaining our wild guildhall of rural revolt & feral festivity, we are having a sort of backwoods recruitment drive and foundational lodge feast in a secluded mountain valley on some of our autonomous territory in southwestern Oregon in morel hunting season and inviting dirty kids and other rugged vagabonds interested in taking their travel off the grid and practicing deurbanized rewilding skills & lifeways within a nomadic neotribal collective. Contact me or find Bokor River Company on FB for now to get in touch and find out more.

Fortuitous travels, comrades.

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last night got spare-change'd by someone with a crackstem in the same outstretched hand they wanted a coin in
Hittin the I-5 S. Union pacfic in a couple days. Hmu if anyones down the line an wants to smoke a joint an talk.
A digi-nomad's life for me?
Met a super sweet old traveler girl yesterday been off the road 6 months. So stoked on life right now
Amtrak crew change. Hiding from the bull
Got a new bicycle today! I feel so much better
Hitched from Ft. Collins, CO to Laramie, WY in three rides and an hour and a half. Today’s a good day.
Ahh. Camping out next to the Interstate in the NM desert. With Cinnabons, a giant Coke, and $20 kicked down to me today. I got 4 rides which got me 100 miles. And they were all amazing people... one guy gave me a business card which was about spreading love and that was so fucking positive. Then I got picked up by a really old Mexican couple. I am still so homesick, yet so happy and exhilarated

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