intercom shoplifter codes?


Oct 6, 2007
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i've heard a lot of stores have different codes at different locations in order to divert people from sharing info like this. but than again so many of these places are so homogenized it wouldn't surprise me.


Oct 23, 2006
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novosivirsk, russia
in the Atlanta REI the code is "paging Sally Jewell"
that's the name of their CEO, so they know that it's not any probable employee when that name is called.
at Home Depots the code for getting assistance w/ a shoplifter who you've got in a confrontation with is "Mr Hopkins". But that's only if a confrontation has already happened. If I remember right "Mr Perkins" is the code to call if you're getting attacked by a shoplifter, LOL.
But the official HD policy is for NO ONE, except the LPI, to confront a shoplifter. you can follow them around and call the lpi, but even if you see them pocketing something you can't tell them they're shoplifting. The LPI has to see them pocket something ,follow them to the door, and see them leave to stop them, though I think the dick can call the actual police if he only sees one of the above.
For a hd employee to chase a shoplifter is a fireable offense.
Suppopesdly they made this policy because some contractor got tackled by over zealous servants after heisting a carpenter's pencil and tried to sue or something. Bunch of cockstains

Clit Comander

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the entire book made me want to puke ha ha ha.
Wanna cringe some more?
Read the story about alternative masturbation.
or Breather Betty.
dude that story is FUCKED. but still a good read.


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Seattle Walgreens: Code 50.

Why is shit always the most sketchy when you're the most desperate?


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most large retail stores like walmart with 484743 cameras in the whole place always have a "blind isle" just scope the place out real good, and watch your back, theyll never know.


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most large retail stores like walmart with 484743 cameras in the whole place always have a "blind isle" just scope the place out real good, and watch your back, theyll never know.
Yeah my Walmart has a nice blindspot that I do business in. Its not the aisle, just about a 4x2 rectangle of space that the camera's can't see because of merchandise stacked (its ALWAYS stacked in mine, never seen even one thing missing). The best thing to do is get your items, head to blind spot, pocket shit. But if you can, grab two of whatever you're lifting and don't let the camera see, that way when you leave your spot you still have what you were seen going there with, and always grab some small random item from wherever you went. My getaway is usually I act like I got a call, or I set the shit down/park the basket and check my wallet, then just leave. I get away with a ton of shit, its easy if you know what you're doing. Now I don't just go steal random shit, its always something I need but don't have the money for.

All that above is a lie of course.
Dec 23, 2008
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Columbus, Indiana
At Hobby Lobby, they'll just watch you if they're suspicious and they won't quit watching you. Also, a "Code 99" there is an emergency code, which they also use for things other than shoplifting. I only worked there for two weeks, but my guess is that they would use Code 99 for that.


Oct 12, 2008
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Wallgreens is a big booming voice who says, "Security Check On Isle _whatever number__"

Then you just watch whoevers in that isle (or yourself) look around confused.
Really sometimes they'll do that and warn you that they suspect you just to keep you from shoplifting.

Better than telling one of the workers to follow someone around.
I was in CVS once borrowing some deoderant and I heard that. I got kinda freaked out since I'm pretty sure I was the only one in the store so I left.


Mar 19, 2007
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I used to boost with a friend in a wheelchair. He get's in thier face with shit like "what, are you looking at me because i'm in a fucking chair?" then, while they look the other way for feeling like a prick, there goes the 60 of liquor! Running interference, just by looking crusty or whatever for him helped out a lot.


Nov 4, 2008
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i've wondered about this...i tend not to steal a lot of places unless i'm sure i can or if i need something. mostly it's rei. there, i've paid attention really closely, but every call i've heard is to an area where i'm not, so i don't worry much. in other stores, i pay attention for anything that sounds like something i don't know--normally they'll say an area and i'll know that's okay if i'm not there, or page a name that sounds real--i usually have a good, trustworthy gut instinct...if i can't tell it's okay, i pay really close attention to everything and everyone around me, and leave if i feel that not okay about it.


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i've never been busted at walmart but it always freaks me out. usually I only grab small stuff. I just tend to walk around forever aimlessly until anyone that may be watching me gives up.


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i've never been busted at walmart but it always freaks me out. usually I only grab small stuff. I just tend to walk around forever aimlessly until anyone that may be watching me gives up.
I usually try to do the opposite... The quicker I'm in and out, the better, for me. I figure it arouses less suspicion, gives them less time to call for backup or whatever. A lot of the time I'll scout ahead and locate exactly where what I want is, then come back the next day (or next week, or...) then be in and out of the store in 90 seconds.

I've heard that Wal-Mart has a corporate-wide policy that they will absolutely not confront anyone who has been in the bathroom before exiting the store, which makes sense because you could drop the merch in the bathroom and then they'd bust you for nothing and have a fat lawsuit on their hands (which has probably happened). Also, they won't prosecute if it's your first time being caught there and the value is less than $25 (this is confirmed, it was in the news and everything).

I'm glad to hear about the people's names being codes, I've heard those before and been totally tricked by them ("Oh they're just paging some person") but it makes perfect sense. I'll watch out more often.

Also I think it's hilarious that recently all Flying J truck stops do a random "security check" announcement to some random letter/number every 15 minutes to deter shoplifters, but it's just part of the loop recording they play. I think they even put some garbled static on there for the same effect.


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In NY......Sam's scan aisle_. Marshall's does "security call extension #" when no pigs are there. Usually, if they page security over the speaker in any store, no one is there and they're trying to scare you off. I usually buy a small item to divert suspicion, if they try to engage you in excessive small talk, that's a bad sign that they're trying to detain you.


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Jan 15, 2009
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Usually everything I ever needed I could get by just asking for it, but I have often wondered what those loudspeakers were traversing over the air in the stores! Ha!
Like,......"Code 12, section 3"
Or,...."Department 4 to area 12"
I'll do some checking and post later if I can find out anything. (My friend works for K-Mart). He may know some of these codes. (May only be for K-Mart though).
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