Improving a cheap guitar

dumpster harpy

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Mar 10, 2016
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Hell, MA
I just picked up a little First Act acoustic guitar, and was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions for making it sound/play better or improving its longevity.

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I, too, have this issue. I haven't gotten around to trying it yet, but I imagine that new strings would help. Mine are seemingly metal, but they're really some other kind of shitty material that sounds god awful. Not to mention it's hard to keep in tune, but that part is at least manageable. I advise trying to get some new strings and that should give you a whole lot of improvement.

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I have one of those first acts and for a 40$ guitar it's weeelllllll worth the money. You could cut a hole in the side and add a pick up and equalizer, make it a electric Acustica but you gotta be careful doing so. Make sure you don't crack it or make the hole too big. Honestly those first acts are wonderful, great sound, feel, and cheap.


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Dec 12, 2014
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Mormon Country
First step: Throw that shit away and buy a Yamaha, at the very least...

J/k. Well, not really. Buuuuut.....

Replace the strings. If it is a steel string, go with a good set of D'addario medium bronze plated. Don't put steel strings on a guitar made for nylon.

I've heard of people lining the back of the guitar with stickers to increase the volume.

If you put a humidifier in it about once every other day it will lower the chance of it cracking.

Make or buy a soft/gig case for it to protect it from the elements. Getting it wet will swell the wood, and when it drys it will crack. And the desert sun will dry out the wood and crack it.

Other than that. A guitar is a guitar. Can't really modify it without a luthier.
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