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Aug 7, 2018
Colorado Springs
Im new, I got a serious hard on for train/freight hopping tho cuz of Kerouac and growing up with tracks behind my house, playing on stopped trains as a kid. I'm planning a trip to start in the next 3-9 months. Hoping to start out from a rail yard in Denver. I'm doing a lil online and phone research on how freight trains work, the routes, the schedules, trying to figure out BNSF's alpha-numeric code system. So anyone who can help educate me on anything train related would be much appreciated. In the meantime between now and beginning my journey I'm always down to meet up n kick it with anyone in the Colorado Springs area, so feel free to hmu when you're in town. I'm unemployed n live with my papa, but I usually got weed to share a blunt and can usually offer a meal as well. Anywho, that's my intro, if u wanna know more about me check my profile, if u wanna chat hmu, if you're familiar with freight hopping, PLZ HMU!
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Jul 26, 2018
South Silly, PA
Welcome to the community!

I can't stress the importance of research enough, luckily, there are plenty of resources on this website to help you. Also, check out The Anarchist Guide to Travel, if you can. It'll be highly useful on your future travels. Be safe out there!

Stay free!

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I've never hopped out of Denver, but I scoped it out a little and read that you can go 6 different directions from one of the yards. I think the BNSF yard. Not a problem if you don't care where you end up, but if you do care about where you're goin you might wanna find a more basic yard for your first ride. Just a heads up.

There is a Union Pacific yard in Denver Though. I'd go with that one if it were me.
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Aug 10, 2018
New york
I just hopped outa Denver bout a month ago. Easy ride on IM bout a thousand miles or so to Chicago. Headed east or west?


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I highly recommend uncle Pete (union Pacific) more rideable cars and unlocked dpu's


Aug 15, 2018
Hello, I'm thinking of heading to CS,Co. soon. Is it a squatter- friendly town? Do people help out? Are the cops assholes?
Any info will be appreciated. Thx.


Aug 7, 2018
Colorado Springs
Hello, I'm thinking of heading to CS,Co. soon. Is it a squatter- friendly town? Do people help out? Are the cops assholes?
Any info will be appreciated. Thx.
It's difficult to describe, the home bums are generally cool folks, look out for each other, seems to be a pretty tight knit community. I've also heard that there are more resources available here than anywhere else in Colorado, I know there are multiple churches/ soup kitchens serving a couple meals every day, and Manitou is much more squatter friendly. The cops kinda suck asshole (what ya expect tho, they're cops) here, they will harass you if you look bummy, dirty, rough. They made it illegal to sit outside on the bench like planters in the downtown area, if they tell you that you can't sit and you don't get up and keep on walking, they will arrest you, just for sitting in a place that looks like it was made for sitting on. Ive also seen regular operations by the sheriff's office where they go down into the creek beds, find the camps and start loading everything they see into dumpsters, so the average person here is non judgmental, fairly accepting of diversity and laid back. The city council and the cops are literally trying to make it illegal to be homeless here and will look at squaters as if they are sub-human. I hear there's 2 good shelters here too, imposrtant to know as the temp drops. Soon it will be so cold at night that it will be dangerous to sleep at night outside. Marion House is the biggest soup kitchen, they do 2 or 3 meals a day at scheduled times. If you come here, I'd go there first, get a hot meal, maybe a lil care package of hygiene stuff, but most importantly the can give you info on available rresources in the city, and you'll meet more squaters/ home bums who really know the in and outs and can help you find things. It's a bi-polar place, half the people are some kind/level of hippie who doesn't judge and is verry laid back, then there's the ultra conservative politicians and cops who are like Trump ppl and have no compassion or understanding of other people. The bousie white people and the cops are not smart to trust just yet, soon tho
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