Seeking Ride I need a ride as far away from my family as possible


Oct 30, 2018
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Terre Haute Indiana
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Terre Haute Indiana
Hi my name is Logan and I am in need of a ride. I have been going to school in my home town of terre haute while living at home. I came out recently as gay and now my mother wants me out of her home along with my two dogs. I know i am asking a lot but if anyone has a way for me to ride with them and take what little i own with me and my pets id appreciate any support... thank you for reading.


Aug 19, 2018
Current Location
It's the beginning of rain season in the Pacific Northwest. I'd suggest staying south. Warmer and mostly dry... Rain season isn't a joke if your homeless, sleeping outdoors, and camped out somewhere... I spent a few months in Portland during winter a couple of years ago and vowed to never do that again. It sucked. I was wet and cold every day. Somebody stole my bike with half my gear in it, and I was basically hating life for a while. Don't make the same mistake as me. I either will go north for the summer and come back, or just stay south. Usually I travel back and forth every year.

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Ahh. Camping out next to the Interstate in the NM desert. With Cinnabons, a giant Coke, and $20 kicked down to me today. I got 4 rides which got me 100 miles. And they were all amazing people... one guy gave me a business card which was about spreading love and that was so fucking positive. Then I got picked up by a really old Mexican couple. I am still so homesick, yet so happy and exhilarated

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