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Jun 10, 2021
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Northeast US
I'm Alex, 21, I'm not comfortable giving my home area but I will say it's the upper Appalachians, I spend 2/3rds of my year in the Adirondacks. I'm probably not the typical squatter as I spend my free time living off the land with what I can find for critters, wild edibles, and drinking water straight from creeks and whatnot (about a decade now and haven't gotten sick) Once in a blue moon I've slept in abandoned foundations or a decrepit house, but mostly I'm in shelters I make, caves, or out under the night sky, and almost all cases, a nice fire crackling nearby. I'm hoping to find similar folks to myself in this community who like wandering in the woods, bushcraft, who really appreciate the natural world. Currently, due to college, this is more of a hobby now rather than something more akin to a lifestyle in high school, probably will head West at some point, don't know where, probably at least the Rockies if not further, I will say I'm not cool enough to walk all the way there.

In terms of what I can give to the community if anyone needs tips on camping of any kind (like stealth camping), survival/wilderness living skills feel free to message me here or on my Instagram assuming I put it on my profile correctly if you can't find it just message me and I'll give ya it.

I've got a fair bit of stories from the Appalachians and the Adirondacks to the Savvanahs of Kenya, just need to figure out the proper place to post them, and whether or not people even want to hear them.

Have a great day!
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May 25, 2021
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Ellensburg, WA
Welcome to stp Alex we're very glad you're here, I'm sure many many people will be interested in hearing about your travels and survival exploits you can post them in the travel stories or any of the other general forums depending on the content therein, if you ever make it out to the pnw drop me a line and I'll help ya out if you're in need.
With gratitude, -Ian

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