How to get to Slab City from El Centro as a leather Tramp


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Aug 12, 2022
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If you arrived off the Greyhound or Flix bus, you'll most likely arrive in the afternoon. Call the shelters to see if there's availability, or have some money ready for a cheap hotel/motel.

Your options are to take a slab cab from El Centro, take the Imperial Valley City bus roue 2 to Niland and walk the four miles or get a slab cab from niland, or wait until Thursdays that isn't a federal holiday to take the city bus from El Centro into the main part of Slab City. It would be route 2 to route 51. Route 51 is in Niland.

Side note: Imperial Valley Transit route 2 also passes through Brawley California which is a little bit north of El Centro.

Area Agency of aging
778 W State St, El Centro, CA 92243 PA/AAA Homepage -

Tell them you're homeless and they'll give you bus passes. They might ask where you're going, and it's okay to be honest. They don't check or anything.

Route 2 from El Centro to Niland runs all day an hour or two apart depending on the time of day.

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
Call the shelters to see if there's availability, or have some money ready for a cheap hotel/motel.

This really isn't necessary, since there is plenty of open desert and other places that you can rough camp in.

Also it's only a 3 mi walk from niland into the slabs, and there's probably a 90% chance anyone seeing you walking along the road will offer to give you a ride into the slabs.
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Aug 23, 2018
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What matt said, I would much prefer camping out then some sketchy el centro shelter, I’ve had to do it once, wasnt bad at all.
And yeah, theres. 90% chance someone will pick you up hitchhiking from
niland, even if you get off the bus after dark, theres almost always some people headed back in. Why spend 45$ for a slab cab ?

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