How to get free prepaid minutes? (1 Viewer)


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Jun 17, 2013
Central Texas
Is there any efficient way to get free prepaid minutes? Lifting the cards from the store doesn't work - they have to be activated by the cashier.
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Kim Chee

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Nothing out of the ordinary:
Tracfone promo codes will get you free minutes on top of purchased minutes (this is a very expensive route for compulsive yakkers). I used to get away with about $20 every three months, but I'm not nearly as chatty when on the phone. The least expensive card is $20 and is good for so many minutes, it will expire in three months whether you use it or not.

I have googled "prepaid hacks", "tracfone cheats", "prepaid phone cheats"and more and have come up with very little useful info. I'm under the the impression that they have a pretty good grip on avoiding giving away service.

I did find how to receive free inbound texts on a certain Tracfone model (if it has service already).


Jun 5, 2014
Yeah if you have food stamps SafeLink will hook up 250mins and 1000 texts every month. Takes about a week to get in the mail. all you gotta do afterward is go online and say your address is still the same once every six months to renew it. Hope this helps

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