How do you guys come across accordions?


Oct 24, 2014
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from time to time i see an accordion player, those things are expensive as shit even if used not to mention hard to find. was wondering how some people happen to come across them?
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I deleted myself
I came across one one time by a friend of a friend. He knew nothing about it so was selling it pretty cheap. I didn't buy it cause I'm not an accordion player but it was real nice. So basically maybe just ask around? Try eBay if you have a place to get it shipped to. Maybe even craigslist. Also, local/vintage music shops usually have them. I am in Florida and awhile back I went to a local, "underground" music shop in Miami and they had at least one accordion.

Maxx Power

Mar 7, 2015
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I discovered one in a tweaker pad in northern California. Some dude was trying to get a gram for it. You can try there.
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Kim Chee

I deleted myself
I saw a couple on CL for no more than $150.

If that is too expensive, maybe consider a jews harp or a harmonica...alot less money and far more portable.
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Mar 18, 2015
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Pacific Coast
I have been playing one for several months now, a beautiful instrument I must say.
You're best chance at finding one would be online depending where you are really try kijiji, ebay or even local selling/buying/trading sites.
I bought mine for $700 but depending what kind of accordion you want, bigger keys usually cheaper as well as kids accordions (these are really fun and can be easily portable for your rough adventures)
To summarize;
-Online sites or (local sites)
-Ask around, friends, family, neighbours, whoever
-Grandparents dead or alive, the G's are highly more likely to have them for some reason
Also most music stores don't normally carry this rare and wonderful instrument sadly to say but there are actual stores out there that just specialize in Accordions.
finding some in Thrifts are possible as well, good luck!
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