How do you get food stamps in San Diego if you have no proof of residency? (1 Viewer)


Nov 1, 2011
I was looking on the website for how to apply and it says they have to verify identity and that you must be a California resident. If I tramp it out there, how can I get food stamps or somehow prove "residency".
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Nov 4, 2006
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I think this has the rights for homeless people trying to get EBT/SNAP. Since this is a federal program under the USDA there are some common threads regardless of State. I have heard crazy things about how California administers its SNAP program. The ability to use SNAP at restaurants & or for hot food comes to mind. I have heard that if you attempt to use your card outside of a specific area then it gets cancelled. The very nature of being homeless involves being transitory. I have only heard this & not witnessed it. MY SNAP benefits from Massachusetts have worked for me in every State that I have ever traveled to & or had funds on my card. I have never had my benefits cancelled while on the road using the card in multiple states. I am sure if they send me some follow up form whil I am away then that will be reason to get cancelled & need to recertify & or reapply.

I have been receiving EBT on & off for the last decade+. In my case it sure helps to be "housed" & not "homeless". Having a base of operations & tan existing paper trail in the system seems to help make the process easier. It was much harder the first time I applied. When I reapply I update all of the photo IDs of myself & my wife & have to resubmit landlord verification, utility bills, social security cards etc.

I think that this link shows that your case worker can use many sources to prove identity but its probably not a bad idea to do some footwork yourself. I think that once you get used to filling out paperwork with these types of agencies that the whole process becomes second nature. Having as many basic documents & ID from elsewhere surely helps. I would guess that would be the first step & then pressuring a worker to do a little work on your behalf.
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Oct 15, 2013
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One way to prove residency if you're homeless is by having a note from a resident of the city (someone with an actual address) saying that you're living in the city. If you don't know anyone there, I was told you can have an employee at a store or library you go to frequently write the note for you. When I got my California EBT, I ended up asking a driver who gave me a ride while I was hitching. I got the note, dropped it off at the office, and left the state a couple days later. I've been using it out of state for about four months and they just cancelled it.


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Dec 4, 2014
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cali is easy. :) Take it from a native. Ive gotten snap all over the north country. most counties dont give you a hard time. if youre homeless youll get expedited snap. They know most homeless dont have everything needed to jump through hoops. Minimum: Get a mailbox at the post office or at a homeless center. Get a library card and have the library mail you something. This can be used to prove residence.

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Aug 4, 2006
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i dont recall ever having to prove residency for food stamps in california, but maybe that was because i was in slab city most of the time (niland is very easy). they let me use general delivery in niland for getting any paperwork.

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Sep 23, 2014
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I got my food stamps while in San Diego pretty easily. I didn't have to provide proof of residency, I just wrote "homeless" on the address line and got my ebt card before I even left the building.


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In Oakland they give you your card same day and you can get GA which is cash assistance, $600 in three $200 payments usually. The worker will tell you you have to go to some 3 hour class to get the cash but neither me nor my road dog went and we both got it.

They did want to take a scan of my thumbprint with this sketchy device to get the GA but they'll give you SNAP either way. This was two or three years ago, I would imagine it's still the same.

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