Seeking Ride Hitching st louis (start july17) to conneticut (by aug4) then to bay area, cali asap

Jun 20, 2018
Current Location
Springfield Missouri
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Hey there y'all. Craigslist got me and my beautiful dog a rideshare from Cali to Missouri but now I'm hitching my way to a wedding in conneticut on august 4th with some stops along the way to see friends and fam. This is my first time hitching, and so I have already read through most of the hitch hiking threads (thank you, rad advice, I feel confident except for my giant pack which needs to shrink). The day after the wedding, august 5th I plan on beginning my hitch trip back to the san Francisco bay area (go hard AND go home) hopefully very quickly to surprise my best friend for his august 10th birthday. If you are along my route and can offer a ride or couch, I would appreciate you. I have not much money left but will make it work as always, no frets.
Blessed be, friends!

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