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Seeking Ride Hitch a ride... Phoenix AZ to or near Midland Odessa Tx.

Jun 10, 2018
Current Location
Phoenix AZ
% % %
Departing from. Phoenix AZ
Odessa Tx.
Date range: june 11 through 20th.

About me:
Rather on the quiett side good ol gal a caretaker and grandmother with a small older chijhuajhua whom is used to going everywhere with mama. I have around $75 dollars to put in gas and a classD licence to drive. Chewy and I wish to go spend the rest of the summer with my daughter and 3 grandcildren in midland Tx. Need to bring a few suitcases. Clothes and art supplies. Chewy is .well mannered with a mild personality. Happiest on my lap.
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