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Oct 16, 2015
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damn, it sucks y'all couldn't have sorted things out like adults, but shit happens.

i guess sometimes it hurts too, when shit happens, and that may be due to poor dietary choices


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Nov 15, 2012
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i guess sometimes it hurts too, when shit happens, and that may be due to poor dietary choices
Or a night of over indulgence for those of us who like stuff in our butts.

-bonus points for your "location smocation" joke. Your avatar is weak though.

Seriously doe,
@Matt Derrick , wasn't there some sort STP amendment allowing users to decide who is banned based on a vote? I casted my vote above; a 2/3 vote in his favor will bring back OTD?

Eng JR Lupo RV323

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Dec 26, 2010
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Dick City California
My first instinct was to be the usual smart ass I am, and I posted a southpark meme "Annnnnd you're disbarred" finding humor in what I always threw in OTDs face, though I had no actual proof he was ever disbarred it was just a cheap shot I'd take at him. Anyway, I deleted it because it doesn't represent my feelings on this and adds nothing constructive to the conversation. I feel like we can do better(@Staff).

I know he could be a pain in the ass for staff and I have certainly not always seen eye to eye with OTD but I don't agree with this ban and I wanted to vote on it. Then I realized there is no "Is this ban fair" poll. I tried to edit the post and add a poll but it's not letting me vote for some reason. Idk if it's just glitched or if it doesn't let the person who creates the poll vote or what..

Anyhow.. Call this me creating waves or whatever you wanna call it. I think we've gotten away from something. I feel like bans need to be held back for undisputed cases like straight up homophobic, racist, sexist rants, or 100% cut and dry trolling/harassment. I don't feel like OTD qualifies as having done any of those.

To me it feels more like he was an annoyance, a thorn in the side of staff. I'm a staff member, I know how annoying it's been. Again, OTD has definitely annoyed the fuck outta me a good handful of times but he's also dropped some shit on me that was absolutely humbling and I feel like we need people around that are as passionate as he was at calling out people in positions of power.

As staff we often denounce our "position of power" and say it's not really power but it really is. We can straight up turn a motherfuckers mic off for 30 days. You'd done talking, you're silenced. We can completely remove people from the community. We can do just about anything we want (short of reading personal messages between users). We have power.

I think we can do a better job with the power we have. I don't think we can ban people just because they call us out and annoy us. I realize there's a rule that we don't have to just take someones shit.. and sure we've taken a lot of OTDs shit, but he's also contributed a lot and I think it's wrong to only focus on the negatives.

You can't blame someone for all the shitty things they've done to you and at the same time refuse to acknowledge all the good things they've done for you. He's a respected member of this community and I think this is an unfair ban. It's not letting me vote for some reason but that's my vote. No, it is not fair. I'd prefer to take more of his shit, because I know with that comes a lot of gems.

Full transparency; I haven't been around this site a whole lot over the last few months and I've definitely not been involved with the majority of the bans that have taken place. I didn't agree with the Juan Derlust ban and I don't agree with this one. Why are we selectively polling the bans that are obviously going to be voted fair and not polling the controversial ones? Why did I have to edit this post to include the poll?

Man.. we gotta do better. I don't know what else to say.

Beegod Santana

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Jan 28, 2008
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The woods
Oh no, who else will tell the kids terrible law and tax advice that they pull out their ass, constantly refer to themselves as an academic when the conversation has nothing to do with their supposed area of study, claim to have "invented" punk rock despite not being a musician and call out others for not being enough of an anarchist while living off the college grant system.

Maybe I'm wrong but I really got the vibe that this guy was just trying to build a welcome presence here so he could use the site as part of some bullshit research/journalism project. Sounds like studying white junkies in Vermont was the highlight of the last 20yrs for this guy.

Edit:. I can't vote for some reason but if I could I'd vote for unjustified, although it's not something I'm gonna loose sleep over, obviously.
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Apr 6, 2013
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I voted no... although if I study the situation more I might change my mind... cuz honestly I did tthink he was pompous a bit.

but as far as ban's go... I have noticed over the years... it has gotten easier to qualify.

Posting here sometimes must feel like playing old school Frogger.
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Deleted member 23824

I closed my account
Matt, I’m pretty sure every one of us, were we to go back and read all our posts, can be found to have violated the rules, whether deliberately or unknowingly, even you. But who has the time or desire to sift. I do like OTD, and no apologies. I think that - occasional raging tirades aside - he was probably one of the most useful members, not to mention knowledgable about the topics he engaged in (and willing to share from that knowledge) I feel he should have been given a longer leash, by virtue of his many years of experience, though there is a theory in life that everything is supposed to be egalitarian (and in reality never has been) .I have always extended more patience, slack, and (attempted) understanding toward older more experienced people. That has almost always been the right thing for people to do, in most all circumstances, in all cultures, throughout all time. I made it a point to get along with them that will not be gotten along with, usually winning them over. I wish he was still around. I think you have lost one of your most valuable assets, even if you don’t realize it.
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Aug 23, 2018
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So having not been actively reading stp posts long enough to really encounter some of OTP’s controversial rants(perhaps that makes me less biased?) I went and read thru the relevent parts of the thread he linked.
And I have to agree with Matt’s assessment.
He blatantly twisted the meaning and intent of matts posts to then self righteosly ‘call out’ matt over nothing.
He then escalates it to uncalled for personal attacks.

Yes this guy has contributed to the community here.. but if this represents a repeated pattern of reinterpreting mod’s posts to fit his own opinions(instead of the other way around), then going after staff over that... thats pretty unacceptable. Staff shouldnt have to deal with that nonsense.

Could they just ignore him? Is it reasonable to ask someone to just ignore a wingnutty person who’s personally attacking them? Because they also act nice and contribute sometimes? IDK..


Feb 23, 2019
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New Jerusalem, Idaho
I've been on the other end of this: trolled by a mod in private messaging. (Not saying OTD is a troll, but it kinda works out to be the same thing)
There's a certain point with some people where it's better to let it go, without having to bring the hammer down, or making a stink about it.
Sure, OTD is winning a popularity contest. That means people want him around. I think this is a better guide than the rules. That's my opinion.
No one *has to* put up with him, cause no one has to keep responding to him. All you gotta do, in this case, is point to the misquote he made and leave it at that. Most people will get it, even if the codger himself doesn't.

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
OTD emailed me the following:


He's also made several attempts to register new accounts, all of which were caught by the spam system/staff. Further proof in my opinion that he has no desire to play nice, so he will not be welcomed back.

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