Hip / Waist Store Belt Pack ideas? (1 Viewer)


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May 31, 2009
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Winnipeg, MB
Hey, I'm looking to make a glorified fanny pack for stashing treats and tools in for a future trip. Doesn't have to be too crusty, but practical. I'm thinking a few pockets for organizations, between 2 and 3.

Anyone have diagrams or patterns? Or can you tell me what works best for fastening? Zippers are okay, though I've been through a few months of breaking zippers, and nearly everything I own, I have to work around a broken zipper just to get to use practically. So I'm ready for something different.

Did you waste pack wearer just stitch together two equally sized flaps and apply a zipper, than two straps on the back for a belt? that seems like an easy default pattern, but like it would have an awkward shape and possibly not sit comfortably.

Let's share some ideas, and possibly pictures if you're particularly satisfied with what you tote around.
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Jan 31, 2009
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Well alice packs have perfect pockets on them, pretty easy to take off and if you can sew decently, durable enough to hold your shit. I have fashioned MOLLE(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOLLE ) straps to mine and a some buttons, but i had access to a sewing machine. Or if you dont want/cant sew that well, you can usually find a shit ton of MOLLE equipment at army/navy surplus stores. I love them because you can put them in so many places, they are durable, and if you have the MOLLE system in place where ever you put is where they stay.

other products i found that you could mimic fairly easy:


Nov 4, 2008
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i have a friend who made a really rad one. it's made more for bikey types so it's made from waterproof cordura, which might just be good anyway, and it has a different aesthetic than you may want, but i'll see if i can get pics and see if he used a pattern or just sort of winged it.

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