Hi! I’m Spirit. Journeying through this Mystery called Life (1 Viewer)

Oct 25, 2019
Hello everybody. This is actually my second account on here. I forgot the details for my first due to not being on here the last couple years.

I go by Spirit and I’m 27. I have been traveling 3 years now. Been to 40+ states.

For me it started as a journey to find myself and to get away from what I considered to be a backwards society. When I first left I actually had no idea that others were doing it. Since traveling I have gone through one serious 2+ year relationship and had a child. My daughter, she is 16 months and her name is Eris Helena. She was born unassisted on the bank of a river and has absolutely no ties to the system.

Life has been truly wild and I have learned so much. I am big into the study of religions and more recently have begun study into the Occult. I practice ceremonial Magic based off of the Golden Dawn system.

I have recently split from the relationship I was in and am currently in Ohio, probably for the winter. I met a guy online that I’m living with while I get an online business up and running, after which I will be getting back on the road. Traveling is my life. Eventually I want to buy land and build a self sustaining empire. But that’ll be in the future once my business takes off and I’m ready to slow down for a bit. I am always interested in making new friends so anybody can message and I’ll respond. Peace to you all!

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Jun 14, 2016
Cincinnati ,OH
Hell ya my road dog ATM is from north of Columbus and I'm a cincy kid. We plan on rolling thru that area in the next few weeks to meet up with some friends and family before heading south for winter

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