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Hey y'all!


Aug 1, 2018
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Woodstock, GA 30188
Not familiar with internet sites or... blogs, if that's right? Still trying to navigate the site, seems pretty cool so far. So me...been traveling since 14. Just found a baby kitten someone dumped for dead behind a McDonald's ashtray, our new buddy now. I'm interested in making new friends, but never used internet to network for kids... pretty awesome. Considering our lifestyle I hope this is a relatively safe place from pigs n other unapproving citizens? I'm in NWGA currently with the ol ball n chain and planning to leave soonish. Hubby is new to traveling, he not ready fir tha rails but imma turn him out. Heh. I'm a thinker and would love to find some brains to share with. May all who are on the road be safe and sure maybe I'll see ya on tha flip side!

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