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Toasty Tramp

I deleted myself
Welcome!! There's a whole lotta info here, so I'd recommend just checking out all the different sections, seeing what they're about, and hopping in wherever ya see fit :D Where ya looking to travel?? You trying to trainhop? Hitch?
Road Hobbit

Road Hobbit

Jul 29, 2015
Well I've been lurking on the info threads for a few months without an account. Its good to finally have a tiny bit of a presence now haha. Honestly I'm try to at least stay somewhat warm this winter whilst traveling but I'm not sure where I'm headed...and I am really really not sure on how to travel.

I hope to find a trustworthy crew one day...I'm not very useful but I can carry shit like a mule...or a tiny midget pony...

And I'm competent enough not to straight up die, but I'm still weary of traveling alone..


Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
"useless green fucker" hehe I must say that is one of the more unusual and interesting intros :D Welcome aboard and have fun on your travels. Stay in touch here - lots of people traveling now so it may be possible to meet up with some people. :)

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