Nov 29, 2017
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Berlin, New Hampshire
Hello everyone! I am new here on this forum. I am writing this at 2am so I plan on keeping it short. My name is Jake but on the road I go by Satan which was given to me by a beautiful woman I met a few years ago in Portland, ME who stole a Satan patch, gifted it to me and told me she would refer to me as such, then she said "You remind of Satan, because you are him.". We shared a laugh and kissed. I have been rockin' the name since. The farthest I ever traveled was to Finland. I met a few Finnish punks and did punky things. I played a gig for a beer in the arctic circle at a bar in Sodankyla on new years to some thrash punk with some Finnish metal heads. When I arrived back in the states I spent some time as an independent wrestler until I injured myself for the second time in under a year. I had surgery on my knee, spent time bedridden in recovery until I could walk. I cut my physical therapy short and went back on the road and found myself on the path to Portland, ME. This was my second time staying in Portland and after the first time I fell in love with the city. I knew I had to go back. The music culture there was my favorite part, as it probably will be anywhere I go when I run into fellow musicians. Now I plan on heading west. I hope to see some of you on my journey. Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little introduction. I am going to fall asleep now. :)
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