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Mar 27, 2019
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Bergen auf Rügen
Hey there I am quite new here and no one knows me so here a couple of words to my person. First of all I am no nativ english speaker so some of it might sound weird ...
I am here to exchange experiances and maybe find other similar thinking and behaving people and maybe meet up with some of you somewher in space and time.
Normaly I used to stick to the punk/hippys alternativ people from my suroundings, but after finishing school i wanted so see something from the world and i went up to norway to travel and work on organic farms, in the beginning i traveld realy ordinary by train plane and bus like normal people, but by time i went mor free ways like hitchhiking, creating wrong student cards with witch i could go on busses and ships for free and after a while i startet sleeping in the ditch /forest or what ever surounding was available. So i recognized that i do not need money at all, because i figured that dumpstering is the best way to keep me fed. after one year i returned home started studying archeology and scandinavistics, but after half a year studdying a bit but mainly goofing around with the local city punks and doing drugs i figured that studdying sucks and the horizon called my name and i grabbed my back pack and all the cash i had (2,50euro and 100 norwegian krones witch is 10 euro aprox) and went up north again, i had a mobile phone but after 3 days hitchhiking and sleeping in the ditch i lost it in the snowy winter up in norway, i could not reach my mates up there so i had to fix it somehow in the expensivest country in the world and everything got out of my hands , the next 4 months i spend the time with clinbing down vertical rocks without beeing secured run away from police steel beer and liquor ending up un totaly wrecked woodboats in storms, got stranded out on an island 2 days just with wild herbes and oysters from the water, and waking up in the forest with 20 cm snow on my sleeping bag (just to mention a few funny things) after i got home i thought of doing an apprentice ship as a boatbuilder witch i started 4 months ago and wil last for 3 years whar realy realy sucks hard, but that gave me the time to join you guys, so lets see what will come


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