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Mar 15, 2020
Belly of the Beast
Hi everyone,

It’s really great to be here. I’ve visited the site on and off for the past couple of years, but now that I’m listening to myself more often, I’m realizing how much I want to contribute and be a part of the community here. Not only do the things shared on this site make my heart sing out loud, the way they’re discussed is so much more urgent and soulful than the milquetoast dribble you see across a lot of cyberspace. Most important I think are the people behind these conversations.

anyways, my name is Lee, i’m 27, and I feel myself getting ancient fast (though I still feel 5). I’m from the mystic desert southwest wasteland. most of my traveling experience is within the lower 48, but I’ve briefly visited latin america, europe, and asia. Mostly I would spend a few months traveling and playing music in diy spots across the US. The best experiences were always auxiliary though, away from the shows. My imagination was at a rolling boil as I trotted around NOLA at midnight for the first time with a new friend who would pretend he only spoke French when we encountered a stranger. I’ll also never forget waking up in Georgia, where this guy we'd just met and were staying with was crouched over me, holding his phone up to my freshly-awoken face with a text open that read “I pay dudes for sex. I’ll give you $200 if you get naked and I can feel you up while I jack off.” I paraphrase.

I’m most interested in fostering bonds with folks here. I want to water the weeds and collaborate with those who want to spend time outside the capital D Disaster, the panopticon and penitentiary, the only place where life can be lived after all. I want to help set up squats, birthday parties, refuges, camps, and think tanks, share ideas and stories, be lighthearted, cry, and break bread together.

thanks to you all for having me.
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