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Greetings and salutations folks! I'm Sky Alive, a member here for a couple months now. I never introduced myself for whatever reason. I'm 28, been living life on the road free range and wild since 2010. I travel by any means convenient or necessary when I do and spend a great deal of time backpacking in mountain wilderness or dusty deserts for weeks at a time, more often than traveling as of late. I grew up a punk rock cliche from salt lake and after living hard and drinking hard in my adolescence for a baleful and lengthy spell I became a total shitbag of a human for awhile. Hit some all time lows a few years back and nowadays I'm actively working on being a better human. I cultivate a healthier life via spirituality, outdoor recreation, plant based diet/lifestyle, philosophy, natural medicine, and such, through personal will and self education. I used to occasionally go to regional and national rainbow gatherings and try to help out there where I can as well, but neither do that or travel much these last 3 or so years. Anyhow, I think it's totally rad this community site exists for people in it and interested alike. I reside anywhere in the western US (sometimes in the PNW or sometimes anywhere in the desert states) these days. I've got a pretty versatile load of life experiences from many perspectives, so if you're new here and need some tips feel free to hit me up! Or anyone really. I'm very friendly, respectful, honest, and open. (So don't hesitate to talk to me if you feel the need or just wanna make a new friend or whatever). I love you all and wish you safe and prosperous journeys in this wacky, beautiful, wonder of life on Earth!
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Stationary, taking it easy :) As much as I enjoy the road at times, after doing it for years it gets old, lol!

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What's up, man. Ever been to Pie Hole in Salt Lake?
No but their name is hilarious! When I was younger I went to The Pie, a lot. They had these specialty pizzas the size of coffee tables, just totally massive. I'd have leftovers for a couple days. Not sure if they still make em that big though.

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